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Welcome to Kazmierski & Bowen Orthodontics. For more than three years, we’ve been creating beautiful smiles for the entire family — from adolescents & teens to adults—and have earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics!


Skilled in the most advanced methods and technology, we provide orthodontic solutions for every type of challenge at our convenient location in Voorhees.

“I would consider them friends at this point! While the main focus is on my orthodontic treatment, we are very personable with each other. They know more about me and I know more about them than just how our teeth look!”

-Brynn F.

“Kazmierski & Bowen Orthodontics will always treat their patients with respect and care. I always walk out of their office with a smile on my face! I feel that the doctors, team, staff, and I are all friends, and they are always in a cheerful mood.”

-Hailey D.

"My favorite thing about Kazmierski & Bowen Orthodontics is how nice everyone is. Every time I walk in everyone is smiling! The orthodontists will make sure you are comfortable, and will be very kind."

-Cayden D.

"Kazmierski & Bowen Orthodontics was my choice for orthodontic treatment because they use up-to-date services and are certainly among the best in the area. I was nervous, but the staff told me exactly what they were going to do, they were very friendly, and soon after being there I wasn't nervous."

-Ashley S.

"My favorite thing about Kazmierski & Bowen Orthodontics is the friendly service and knowledge that my child is in good hands. We had a great relationship with all the staff and they have always been friendly and helpful."

-Mark H.

"Dr. Kazmierski & Dr. Bowen spent significant time with me and my son explaining the process. They always accommodate my schedule for appointments and treatment time is prompt and efficient. I would emphasize that the level of patient care and doctor/patient interaction is excellent."

-Mangie R.

Before beginning any type of corrective dental work, our team assesses the patient’s entire facial structure and establishes a plan of action that corrects various conditions and enhances the patient’s overall profile. This “total approach” is the hallmark of Kazmierski & Bowen Orthodontics, and one that requires tremendous expertise.


Over the years, our doctors and their entire support team have blended clinical excellence with exceptional patient care. That’s why we constantly receive referrals from area dentists and existing patients, year after year.


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